How To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency To Love


By first realising and knowing that God is LOVE and is in ALL things that fills ALL space.

God is not a great being outside of you that you are going to bring within and then present to the world. God is that power, which is generated and exhilarated by your own thought action. It is true that this power is within and all about you, but it is inactive until you think of it and know that it does exist.

By first KNOWING that this power does exist, then using it with absolute confidence, you soon become wholly conscious of it. You soon know that it is all-inclusive in and through you. If you will but let it flow, it will rush to you in every instance. It flows to you as you let it flow from you. Stand forth as God and give it out. This is God your Father in you and you and your Father are one. Not servants but SONS, Sons of First Primal Cause. All that I AM has, is yours; for you are I AM.

This does not take long years of study, nor need you go through training or hardships or deprivation. This does not mean going into a closet and hiding yourself. This is getting quiet right where you are, even in the busy so-called turmoil of life, under the most trying circumstances. Then life is not turmoil; it is quiet and contemplative. Know that God is within—closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet—with your whole thought action centered on God.

Know and accept that this vibration does exist, then let it flow through you. Then you see it flowing forth from you in limitless measure. You present it to the world and the world is benefited by your presentation. You, yourself, must present the accomplishment by putting forth the driving force of all Good, God your Father, the power to accomplish, behind every thought and act. As you give out this power, it flows to you. As you give, more is pressed upon you to give and you will find you cannot deplete the supply.


By constantly contemplating, praising, blessing and giving thanks to this power you increase its flow and, as you do this, it becomes potent and more readily accessible to you……


Get into a comfortable position and ground yourself.Breathe in deeply by drawing the infinite particles from the cosmic universe and from mother earth.

Allow this energy to flow into your heart, hold the breath for 3 seconds and release.

Feel the energy moving around your body and breathe out through your heart.As you breathe in deeply, see the Divine white light within you encompassing your holy temple, pure body.

Be presence with this power of Love, FEEL it. KNOW that you are this power.Let it flow through you freely by surrendering your holy temple to this power.

Feel the oneness of all things in all space.


I am fully consciousness that I AM the motivating centerI am fully consciousness of my inheritance and dominionThe heaven is WITHIN meI am the principal of the endless array of life and manifestationI am the infinite particles of all pervading universeI am at one with the particle through thought and definite actionI am presence with the power of this universal cosmic energyI accomplish progress in prefect order and harmony of thought and actionI accept and know the Divine spirit is withinI surrender to the spirit within and allow it to come forthFor I am one with the Great Creative Mind Substance,I am the Divine Principal, the Great Principal,The GOD principal is all there is that fills all spaceI stand forth in Christ dominion and give out this principal in my thought and action

~Life And Teaching of The Masters Of The Far East

By: Baird T Spalding


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